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Jubail, SA

Analyst - Short Range (Planning)


 Job Purpose

Coordinate, develop, communicate and monitor the short term (inside one year) tactical planning and optimization effort via the MOP (Monthly Operating Plan) and rolling 120 day plan. Provide central focal point for communication, coordination to optimize the Refinery’s financial performance. This position works with Operations, Maintenance and Technical personnel to leverage assets optimally given market pricing, Partner offtake and equipment health using the LP model.


 Key Accountabilities

  • Coordinate, develop, communicate and monitor tactical operating plan (mop, rolling 120 day)
  • Refinery feedstocks, intermediates and products PQ (product quality) oversight
  • Ensure inventories are optimized to avoid hindering plant operation and excessive working inventory level targets
  • Press asset and shift teams to define operating constraints
  • Evaluate and optimize tactical planning considering planned shutdowns (turnaround, project capital programs and opportunity) as well as unplanned events
  • Serve as P&O representative for MoC (management of change) requirements
  • Provides feedback to yield accounting & HC loss on data accuracy and tank service changes
  • Provide backfill for plan coordinator, ops analyst
  • Ensure the business processes and work activities, relevant to position, are executed in compliance with SASREF policy, procedures and best practice to achieve the business objectives in a safe, efficient and cost effective manner
  • Lead, motivate, develop and assess the assigned team to achieve business objectives and grow capability




Workplace (WPS) and Process (PSM) Safety:

  • Ensure that measures to protect personal safety and well-being are always in place and that personal actions do not jeopardize the safety and well-being of others.
  • Adhere strictly to all IOWs, Safe Operating Procedures, and Safe Work Instructions - thus preventing potential WPS and PSM incidents at all times.
  • Always comply with the SASREF HSE Policy, the 5 Safety Principles and 12 Golden Safety Rules.
  •        Performance Indicators:
  • No personal injury or injury to a third party.
  • No WPS or PSM incident caused.


 Qualifications & Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering or equivalent
  • Minimum of 5 years of relevant experience